So much to explore…

The 55 acres belonging to Las Parras offer numerous delights for any nature lover. You may want to take an early-morning stroll across the acequia and through a lovely cottonwood grove to the banks of the Chama River to observe its abundant wildlife — you might see a beaver swimming upstream, or a Bald Eagle fly overhead.

You can choose to continue exploring along the nature trails that wind through the bosque (riparian woodlands) that are shared with our neighbors.

Closer to home, you could walk through the vineyard, letting yourself become enchanted by the vibrant colors. If you happen to stay with us during August or early September, you can pick the grapes right off the vine — an absolutely delicious treat. Then again, you could help Arin pick raspberries or asparagus, or you can simply watch the countless hummingbirds…

Here’s our location

Las Parras is a two-hour drive from the Albuquerque airport and an easy one hour drive from Santa Fe.

We are 1-1/2 miles north of the little town of Abiquiu. Look to the left and you’ll see our 13 ft. high, lighted sign and gate directly across the road from Abiquiu Elementary. We have an electric gate. You will need to secure the code with your reservation.